CrossFit Greenville

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We know what works and what doesn’t work in terms of getting people fit, and perhaps more importantly, we have learned what works in order to keep people motivated and injury-free so they can stay fit for life.


Crossfit Greenville does a great job at providing fun workouts, friendly staff, great community but most importantly a very safe environment to do so. The coaches are well trained, the workouts are methodically designed and ultimately a place to become better. I recommend anyone that wants to try CrossFit or continue their fitness journey to give CFGreenville a shot!

— Brandon Harwell

I joined Crossfit Greenville after doing their foundations course in October 2020. My past activities are swimming and running, so I do not have much experience with weight training. The coaches here have been very helpful pointing out the correct techniques for each move and scaling the workout to my abilities. They also have a good amount of cardio workouts, so it is not all weights. The classes are fun and diverse enough to always keep me interested. I would highly recommend Crossfit Greenville to anyone interested in getting into great shape.

— Andrew DiMattina

This gym is hands down THE BEST gym in the area. The programming is challenging and always scalable for all ability levels, the coaches are fantastic, and the community great. I use to dread working out and would use any excuse to put it off or get out of it. While attending Crossfit Greenville, I loved working out and looked forward to my hour at the gym every day. I actually feel sad on my rest days. Like many people, I found CrossFit really intimidating before I tried it. I can promise you that the coaches here will make sure you get a great workout in, know exactly what to do and nothing is scary. If you are in the area, be sure to check out CFG!

— Brittany Laube

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