CrossFit is Confusing

by Matt Hines

What is CrossFit? Pause for a moment and think about it... It's not exactly easy to explain! This has long been a pain point for affiliate owners. There are so many "micro" gyms and different perceptions of CrossFit that people are confused. The people that need us the most often go elsewhere.

That's why I think it's important for CrossFit gyms, in particular, to develop their own culture and identify AND to get that message out there to the public. If you didn't know we are different hopefully this blog will show you!

With that in mind, what is CrossFit? The actual definition per CrossFit educational material is:

"Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity."

While that's the textbook definition, it still doesn't clarify much. Let's break down how we view CrossFit at CFG.

Constantly Varied

This means we use a variety of movements from 3 different realms of fitness.

  1. Resistance training
  2. Bodyweight training
  3. Cardio training

What I see is a tendency for CrossFit gyms to bias weightlifting and to generally over-program workouts. Giving clients too much volume, and in particular heavy volume, increases their chance of injury and it doesn't leave much time in a class for coaching. We are different.

At CFG we want to coach you and we want our program to mitigate the chance of injuries happening, not cause injuries! This is why we feel that it's important to keep our general group programming as balanced and well rounded as possible. Each workout has a very specific focus and function and is structured so that our coaches can teach, see, and correct movement. We have found that if anyone wants to bias certain areas we can accomplish that by coaching through our specialty classes or personal training.

As we start to slide further to the right of this continuum we start to see improvements in the listed health metrics.

Functional movement

This is a buzzword in the industry now. Most gyms have a functional fitness section nowadays thanks to the popularity of CrossFit. At CFG we view "functional movement" as movements that lend themselves well to real-life physical demands. Movements like pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, running, jumping, etc.

We use a formal movement language in the gym, but we also want you to be able to hike, ski, bike, move heavy furniture, and live an active life until you are 100 years old. That's what our body was designed to do. In other words, we want you to live a great life inside and outside of the gym.

High Intensity

Another buzzword. At CFG we view intensity as your ability to move larger loads effectively over long distances. Think about it this way requires more power and function to move the dog food from the ground to the top shelf than to bicep curl the same bag of dog food from the table to your shoulders. Both an Olympic athlete and a grandmother can benefit from this type of intensity.

The priority at CFG is to make sure that our members have mechanics and consistency before they add intensity. Unfortunately, many gyms throw intensity at people far too soon. Focusing on mechanics and consistency first ensures that our members are staying safe AND enhancing performance. We are able to this by onboarding new members with a foundations course that teaches the proper progressions and what relative intensity should feel like.

Coach Jason going over points of performance for a kettlebell front rack position.

Do you have friends or family that can benefit from our program? We have found that the best way to show people what we're all about is to get them into the gym. And what better way to do that than to entice them with beer!

Saturday, February 8th: Burpees and Brews w/ Mpourium @ 10 AM

On Saturday, Feb. 8th come workout with a friend and reward yourself with a cold beverage and some good food! We will make this workout friendly and informative for all fitness levels and we will finish things off with drinks and lunch across the street. Some of the best restaurants in Greenville are walking distance from the gym so feel free to grab some take out or to get it delivered right to Mpouirm.

If you haven't checked them out, Mpourium is one of the area's newest and most unique business! They are the only self-pour taproom in the region and they have the largest tap wall in Greenville with 52 glorious beverages to choose from. Much of what they sell is crafted locally in our state and we are excited to support them and to show more people what we are all about in Uptown Greenville!