Holiday Gifts For Under $25!

By: Coach Mitchell

The holidays are here! Here are 8 easy gifts under $25 for the person who works out harder than anyone you know.

Exercise Headband

The perfect accessory for long sweaty WODs to keep your hair out of your eyes and the sweat off your face.

Dry Shampoo

For your gym partner always on the go, sometimes there’s not enough time to wash and dry your hair between the 5:30am class and those 8am meetings. Dry shampoo here to save the day!

Goat Tape

The stickiest tape on the market, Goat Tape is the perfect thumb saver for pull-ups, deadlifts, and anything grippy. The stickiness allows the tape to last the entire WOD without rolling up like regular medical tape.


For your workout partner who braves the cold every day during those early morning/late evening WODs, a warm beanie will warm their heart and their head!

Primo Chalk Ball

For your chalk addicted workout partner, this awesome little ball lets them bring their chalk to their workout station without making a huge mess. Plus, the chalk from Primo Chalk combines five essential oils and a drying agent to make this chalk even stickier than your normal gym chalk.

Jansport Pixel Accessory Pouch

Gym bags can be big and it’s easy to let the little things get lost in the bottom of your gym bag. The Jansport Pixel Accessory Pouch fits easily inside your gym bag and lets you safely store your phone, chargers, extra hair elastics, credit cards, and more, so they don’t get lost in the black hole that is your gym bag.

Fitness Dice

For your gym buddy who’s traveling this holiday season and can’t hit the gym, these gym dice are the perfect way for them to stay in shape while on the go. Just roll the dice and generate a full-body workout for yourself with no equipment needed.

Blender Bottle GoStack

For your workout partner with 1,000 supplements and protein powders swimming around in their gym bag, give them the gift of organization. This nifty little bottle lets them organize their supplements and powders in a convenient and compact fashion. Plus, you can add on more stackers as your supplement collection grows.