Four Benefits of ROMWOD

By Coach Mitchell

Participating in ROMWOD can have many different concentrations including mobility, flexibility, stability, breathing, developing awareness and sense of presence, mind-body awareness, and more. But probably more importantly for CrossFit athletes the focus on yoga for active recovery is essential for helping muscles recuperate and giving the central nervous system time to down regulate, allowing them to perform again at high intensity.

4 Ways ROMWOD Aids in Active Recovery

1) Improves circulation which promotes recovery by delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to overworked muscles and clearing stagnant blood to remove lactic acid build-up in tissues. The result? You feel less sore, and your muscles can more quickly and efficiently repair damage and store energy to fuel your next workout!

2) Releases tension and creates length and pliability in muscles. This helps to create a sense of balance in the body, which ultimately promotes greater power by countering the effects of repetitive contraction and tension that heavy lifting and intense physical training demand of the body.

3) Gives the nervous system time to down regulate, reset, and restore. This steers the body and mind out of the “fight or flight” mode created by sympathetic nervous system control (provoked by intense exercise) and into the “tend and befriend” or “rest and digest” vibe of the parasympathetic response. Ultimately, this not only promotes balance between the two systems, but also gives the body a chance to focus on essential functions such as digestion, arousal, detoxification, and waste-removal.

4) Puts you into a meditative and observant state. By quieting and centering the mind, you are better able to listen to what your body is telling you about areas of tension or potential injury; to reflect on your workout; and to plan for what’s next through setting intentions or goals, working with visualization, or repeating simple affirmations. From this state of inner stillness, you can more easily identify and move beyond limiting beliefs and shift your mental state to confidently crush any challenge that comes your way.

As you can see, ROMWOD is all about balance, but your ability to promote greater balance in your body’s systems, your muscular power, and your mindset. Balance is essential in maintaining and improving fitness, performance, and quality of life. In this way, how you approach physical training matches how you approach life as a whole: if any one area is neglected or overworked, you will eventually sabotage your own success.