The Importance of Posting Your Results

By: Coach Mitchell

Posting our training results can often be perceived as more frightening than rewarding. We have to post what we aren’t good at and what we struggle with, possibly along with other athletes who are posting amazing results (in our eyes). But approaching posting your results this way will only hinder you. Why?

Well, there are numerous benefits to posting, many more benefits compared to not posting. Let me name just a few.

Programming – It helps the coaches to know how you all are doing with the program. Adjustments are made to future training days if we see responses like ‘my shoulders haven’t recovered’ or ‘my glutes are still so sore from those lunges’. It also helps to see if the program is working for the group as a whole. If there aren’t any results to look over then we won’t know how well the program is working.

Community – Posting your results helps build up the community. Every post you make gives encouragement to someone else to post their results. Then, commenting on others posts with encouraging words or feedback continues to make our community even stronger and builds the morale.

Feedback – Receiving feedback from the coaches or fellow athletes help you become better and you’ll only receive feedback if you post your results.

So, please post your times to the blog for all the above reasons! It helps build community and creates bonds as athletes. Along with this, posting your results will only continue to show your progress with each and every day that you come in and work hard!